Thursday, March 5, 2009

Boot Camp Olympics Tonight!

Tomorrow is our last night at boot camp. *tear* I will admit that I have loved it. I never could have figured out these workouts on my own. I used to just wander aimlessly around the gym but now I think I have some direction. Past all of the pain, injuries, sweat and sighs, I think it was a big success. And I finished something I started. Write it up: Me - 1, World - 0

We are doin big thangs at boot camp tonight. Main focus is back/shoulders/abs. However, we will also be engaged in a little friendly competition.

Tonight we will be doing our Boot Camp Olympics. The events will be:
1. Jump rope x 1 minute (count total number of jumps)
2. Crunches x 1 minute (count total reps as shoulder blades must clear the ground and return to the ground each rep)
3. Static hold in push-up position until failure (count total seconds)
4. Body weight floor dips (count total reps as backside lightly touches the floor every rep)

We will also have a class picture I'll post up here soon.

Tomorrow night will be the final push-up test. I did 22 the first week. Let's see how I do in comparison.

I will also try to get ahold of my before and after measurements to put some results in perspective.

So for now, adieu.

Candice K.
I will find out the poundage soon enough.