Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Exercise Obsession of the New Year

My Big Ol' Booty

If you've met me, you know that I hold one thing above all else to be true: big girls are coming back en vogue.

I'm not saying that 250 lbs. (ie. Me) is coming in to style anytime soon. But I do believe a healthy set of curves is going to be the best ass-et you can have in the years to come. So, the one thing I think I have going for me is my bodonkadonk. I've seen it; the silhouette of my butt in a nice pair of jeans. It's there. I just need to work on it, sculpt it, mold it... oh, sorry. Too graphic.

Well, I found an awesome workout at fitnessmagazine.com. This one has Jackie Warner's Stamp of Approval and believe me, it's crazy difficult. Balance is a must for most of the intermediate moves. But it's totally worth it.

Another thing that has REALLY helped shape my derriere is the elliptical. Depending upon the elliptical, the optimal incline for ideal gludiusmaximus strengthening can be rather low or extremely steep. My favorite elliptical is a front-drive with adjustable motion. This means that there is no incline selection but your stride can change from a walk to a jog to a full on run based on how far you push the petals. This site has a pretty good elliptical guide if you are in the market.

I'm really down with having a nice butt no matter what I weigh. So as long as I stay focused, I think I will be able to handle it, no problem.

Candice K.

250 lbs. (weigh-in tomorrow)
Today, I will eat a nutritious dinner.


Anonymous said...

I fully in favor of this coming back into style and I have to say that I'm agreeing with out on this. I get more comments on my ass then anything else and generally it's a part of my body I HATE but lots of people (especially men) seem to be all about it.

Candice K. said...

Yeah, that ass.

No doubt. I kind of have to hang on to this dream that child-bearing hips, thick thighs, and booties are coming back because, well, mine aren't going anywhere. I don't care how much weight I lose. Plus, I kinda like 'em.

jen said...

real women have curves. (and buts and hips and thighs) I don't know about you but I would prefer to look like a woman not a boy.

my hubby loves my ass. he insists that if i lose weight it not be in the ass (or boobs but they will be the first to go - my luck and all ;)

jen said...

Sorry but after looking at these exercises I had to comment again. First of all did you notice the lady. That lady looks way to happy and smiley doing those crazy poses.

And second, how do those poses feel on the knees?

Candice K. said...

I try to do those exercises on a mat because, no, they aren't fun with straight knee-on-floor action.

That lady is probably happy because she doesn't need to be on a diet... I'd be excited, too!