Monday, December 8, 2008

Fit Mag's Body Type Analysis and Diet

I subscribe to and they are always sending me some GREAT articles on fitness.

This article covers the body types that there are, their benefits and drawbacks, and a diet and fitness plan geared toward getting rid of pounds where you want to get rid of them.

I am a "pear" shape. I wear a 12 or 14 top but I wear an 18-20 in pants. This is a rough spot to be in because I can't typically shop in the same section or even the same store to find an outfit. Most plus size stores such as Lane Bryant only go down to a 14/16 which is too large for me, and regular stores, such as Old Navy or the Limited, have an 18 or 20 but they usually run small. I guess you could call me a tween... just on the larger side of the spectrum.

I am pretty much on the low fat diet that they recommend and the majority of my workouts are done on treadmills and ellipticals. However, the education they provide on the body types are pretty fascinating to me.

Apparently, being pear-shaped isn't as bad as I thought it was.

Candice K.
249 lbs.
Today, I will play Wii Sports for an hour.

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