Monday, January 26, 2009

Applebee's Got Served and a Little Soapbox Action

Is it REALLY four points?

The truth shall set you free! OR cost you several million dollars. As is the case with Applebee's and Weight Watchers. A lawsuit has been filed against Overland Park, the parent company of Applebee's and Weight Watchers for allegedly conspiring to dupe consumers in to eating from the former's Weight Watchers menu that advertised considerably less calories and fat than they actually contained. Analytical Labs of Boise, Idaho found that the Garlic Herb Chicken advertised as having six grams of fat actually contained 18 grams of fat. See this link for the full story and details on becoming part of the class action suit:

I am a Weight Watchers customer and advocate. However, to hear this news saddens me. I am always scouring the "Eat This, Not That" website and Weight Watchers Online points tracker for acceptable meals to fit in to my diet. With the Applebee's Weight Watchers menu being backed by Weight Watchers, I always considered it a reliable menu that will fit into my diet. With the way Weight Watchers point system works, the fat content being tripled in some cases would only make a 1-2 point difference. However, when you are only dealing with 29 points, that can be a HUGE blow to your day. That could be my mid-day or evening snack; the two Oreo's that I allow myself to indulge in on a given day.

When one is losing weight not only to look and feel better, but to improve their health, this type of thing can shatter someone's outlook on dieting. As we all know, I have been struggling with a serious plateau. It's been very difficult to take off my honeymoon/holiday weight. This sort of thing makes me so angry. Twelve "hidden" grams of fat that is in the Applebee's Garlic Herb Chicken are 12 grams that I didn't even know I had to burn. It's ridiculous. I know it's hard to make things taste good without a little butter here or a little sugar there, but as dieters we've learned to sacrifice some taste for a smaller waistline. Just be honest, Applebee's. That's all we want. America is the fattest country in the world bar-none and it's not ok. But no wonder with the serving sizes that have become the norm. We have to stop this, people. Seriously.
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