Monday, February 9, 2009

Day One of Boot Camp

8:21pm - Chuckles made me a nice dinner for my first day at boot camp; salad (so weird for him), spaghetti with sweet rosemary spaghetti sauce and low-carb noodles and breadsticks. It was tasty and I totally appreciate coming home to a warm, tasty dinner. As it was, I couldn't lift my arms very much. They were like jelly.

So, our first day. The theme was chest/back/arms. Going in to it, I wasn't sure what to expect. It is difficult to imagine how so many people of different sizes, fitness levels and age could all converge and work out at the same time.

We could instantly tell who were the veterans and who were the newbies. The vets had their mats rolled out against the wall and were sitting waiting for the session to begin. So we followed suit. After a quick intro, we were down to business with the warm-ups; a little jogging in place, jumping-jacks and other things to get the blood pumping. All the things that let me know I need a better sports bra.

Then we began doing exercises that focused on our arms. We broke in to groups and did a circuit of different exercises including push-up, tension band curls and pulls and kick-backs. We did each exercise for 30 seconds then rotated. On the third time around, we were DYING! We had a small water break and continued. The rest of the class we focused on standing and mat exercises mixed with some cardio. We were definitely feeling the burn.

Tomorrow, we hope to be outside to enjoy the slightly warmer weather and to get a little cardio in. Hopefully, it won't be raining too much.

Candice K.
Official Boot Camper

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