Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Homemade Favorites

As most everyone in the world, I'm in love with pizza. But those pizzas you get from Pizza Hut and Donatos just won't fit in to my diet or budget. So Chuck and I decided that it was time we started taking matters in to our own hands... literally. I spotted some Trader Joe pizza dough on a visit there a couple of weeks ago and grabbed it. Here's a nice little review: We picked up the herb dough and some toppings like pizza sauce, onions, tomatoes, banana peppers and mushrooms in addition to 2% italian blend cheese and turkey pepperoni. I love turkey pepperoni. We decided that because our tastes are so different in pizza, we would make our own personal-sized dishes. It was hilarious watching us both flour our hands and half of the kitchen as we stretched the dough in to not-so-circular shapes. They only took about eight minutes to bake. However, with all of the toppings, the crust on that side had some difficulty baking.

Because we split the bag for the first batch, we decided to have pizza again the next night. I baked the pennant-shaped pizza for a couple of minutes before we topped it to get that top side good and done then brushed on a little olive oil. It was so good. I'm craving it right now.

Keeping in the swing of things, we make homemade egg rolls last night using chopped grilled pork chops left over from Monday nights dinner, cole slaw veggies and onions. Again, slam-dunk. We deep-fried them but because the wrappers aren't grease-soakers, it keeps this meal low in fat. They were done in 20-30 seconds and it was hilarious watching Chuck throw stuff in there like banana peppers.

I really recommend making things like this at home because not only is it more healthy than store-bought varieties, it's less expensive and you get to do something fun with the people you love... or people who don't mind you throwing flour on them. Same dif.

Candy K.
My clothes smell like fried food today. Gross.

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