Monday, February 23, 2009

Boot Camp: Week Two Wrap Up

The workouts have gotten more intense but the soreness is relatively gone. We will be tight when we really get a muscle-blasting exercise. My favorite exercises at the moment are the ones done on a device called the TRX (see: A bracket is attached high on the wall with straps hanging from it. At the end of the straps are handles where we grab on for dear life and, using our body weight and angle as resistance, perform different exercises.

Week Three we are beginning more intensive circuits. Focuses such as "killer legs" and "killer arms" are being introduced. Most of us are working on incorporating 8-lb weights in to the exercises when possible. I really need to buy a new set. I have metal 5-lb weights and I'm deathly afraid that I will end up dropping a sharp metal edge on my person. Also, when they've been sitting in my car for 24-hours, they tend to be 30 degrees colder than the actual temperature outside. Makes for an interesting workout.

I've been doing spectacular on my eating thanks to my fellow bootcamp ladies and Chucky. At work we are watching each other like hawks. It also makes things easier when you aren't the only one making a lifestyle change instead of watching co-workers smother their toast with globs of butter or mayo all day. I come home and Chuck is working on a healthy dinner and I'll make us some salads... which he is actually eating! I'm so proud of him.

I'm avoiding the scale at this point so that I don't become discouraged if I haven't lost any weight. I know things are already fitting looser but I can also tell that I've developed a lot of muscle especially in my thighs.

Looking forward to next week.

Candy K.

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